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Tubes Artists Gallery. is one of the platforms of painters TUBES magazine® The founder of painters TUBES magazine, Denis Taylor is an artist and writer who now works from Sweden, Greece and the UK.

He has been creating paintings since before 1983 with his studios in the UK, Greece and Sweden. His main painting Studio is #5 in Southern Sweden and also the Design and production office of the publications painters Tubes and the Tubes Artists Gallery


The magazine began in 2013 after an old Art School friend suggested to the founder that he should write for a specialized painting magazine. At the time he was writing for various art blogs and the International Art Market Magazine. However, specialized magazines for only painters were thin on the ground, and hence painters TUBES magazine came into being, but not before 24 months of research and several design considerations and official registration as journalists with the Swedish Government.

In late 2018 painters TUBES magazine purchased its own (white label)

Since the early days of 2014/2015 the magazine has come to enjoy a global audience with over 100,000 world wide readers on the platforms Yumpu for European readers, Joomag and Magzter for USA and Canadian readers. The magazine gained a growing reputation for quality and authentic editorial, the quality of the art shown and editorial originality.

In late 2018 painters TUBES magazine purchased its own (white label) platform under the leading HTML5 coders in the world. The new platform for issue of TUBES and TAG showcase catalogues now runs into double figures. In 2021 painters TUBES magazine will become a totally subscrided service for artists, art galleries, art institutions and the general public.

Art Exhibitions

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The Tubes family now embraces two galleries on VR, a superb flip magazine platform and an Artists Video Interview and Catalogue website. The VR galleries are undergoing exciting developments and TUBES look forward to 2021 when it is hoped many new additions to the VR experience can be enjoyed by the global TUBES readers and the Tubes Artists Gallery artists, friends and family.

World Art Exhibitions Directors and World Art Finance Limited

In the later part of 2018 painters TUBES magazine began discussing exhibition participation with World Art Exhibitions Directors and World Art Finance Limited – The onset of the pandemic in 2020 suspended planned major City Pop-Up shows where TUBES were to not only create the catalogues for the participating artists but also mount a stand where they would invite Tubes Artists guest to show their latest work. In 2021 those plans will be initiated again. The Art Finance Plan for artists and collectors arrangement however is now up and running. Tubes very much look forward to the marrying of real life bricks and mortar shows with the current wonderful Virtual Reality galleries.

World Art Exhibitions and World Art Finance (who have created an amazing 12 month interest free plan for all artists collectors, do visit their website – World Art Finance – link below) now Tubes Artists Galleries are dedicated co-working directors and associate Companies with WAF –

We know this is an exciting time for all independent visual artists.

The Future for independent Art and Artists has finally arrived.

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the main website is here: painters TUBES magazine®2020