memories for posterity.solo art exhibition by Catherine Corfield


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introduction below is taken from the catalogue written by Denis Taylor Artist and Curator for Tubes Artists Gallery. Written by Denis Taylor

“…it’s a rare occurrence when meeting a stranger that you feel that you have known that person for years. That’s how I felt when I spoke with Catherine Corfield, a painter who creates work that under most **normal times, quite honestly, I wouldn’t have dedicated much time looking at it as a personal choice, only because of the genré it follows, not because of the quality of the work. **However, lets face it, these are not normal times, far from it in fact.

The paintings that the artist creates are highly skillful and Catherine is an obvious talent, but recently my art intake has been mainly abstraction, or should I say fourth dimensional abstraction, bopping around quantum physics and particles theories. And that is why I love what I do for painters TUBES magazine and the new TAG galleries. It enables me to open my eyes to all forms of Art without prejudice.

The victims are multiple, and the effects are difficult to cope with.

The lock down after lock down and the crazy tier system are spreading across Europe far quicker than the actual pandemic itself. The paranoia is real of course, as is the danger of death, especially to my generation (the over 60’s) But, there are other casualties of this god forsaken Sars strain. That is a psychological one and it is just as devastating as the Virus itself.

The victims are multiple, and the effects are difficult to cope with. First we have the ‘Grandparent or Grandparents’ who are left marooned. They feel the anguish of time passing them by, all too fast. They cannot enjoy the absolute pleasures of witnessing their own children’s children grow.
They cannot laugh together with the children, a laughter that gives the Grandparents that purest joy that only ones grandchildren can provide. And of course, the children’s memories of their grandparents as real people, not just photographs on a smart phone. These enforced lock downs are robbing all of us, parents, grandparents and children of our most valued moments.

retreat into a corner with a cold digital screen

The Parents of those Grandchildren are in despair that they cannot take their children to visit the Grandparents. Let alone their own inner need to see their Mothers and Fathers and siblings. Time is precious when time is used as a weapon of defence by a society that has been scared witless by the threat of an invisible enemy. And where the only answer from a misinformed establishment is to enforce the populous to retreat into a corner with a cold digital screen, to pacify and occupy them for short periods of time. A dark psychological corner of isolation, where only a jab in the Arm can release this self imposed imprisonment and the social madness it spins.

Lets hope to God that that Jab arrives sooner rather than later, for every ones sake and for every ones sanity.

Behind this terrible backdrop, I spoke for quite some time to Catherine by the grace of Zoom. And after the normal polite exchanges I delved deeper into not only her Art but also her Heart. What I found was a diamond, a pure clear jewel of sincerity and authenticity.

Catherine is a highly motivated human, her joy is children and her ‘day’ job is teaching kids Art, or should I say awakening them to the beauty of creation. It’s a marvellous job.

I am sure Catherine is imbuing children with a deep need of creating Art, in just the same way as it was for me, and that is a marvelous thing to do for the future of human society and for Art and for our culture. Fine Art has a deep seated human effect that generally cannot be replicated by digital means, however true that may be, here at painters TUBES magazine and Tubes Artists Gallery – we believe our presentations can do more than just attempt to fill in the missing gap of reality, we truly believe it can promote a real memory for posterity and for all of us.

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catalogue. Memories for Posterity 2020 exhibition


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