The projects have been on going from 2015. The first exhibition was about the Mersey Gateway Bridge which was completed in 2018. Shaun Smyth was the artist for a full review of this exhibition please view the catalogues Tubes created below:

The second project was the Fiddlers Ferry Project. Shaun Smyth again took the lead by creating the first drawing for this major project. Lee Harrison also joined the project as a photgrapher and exhibitor whilst Denis tayklor remained as the overall art consultant, designer and writer for both projects. The exhibition was first shown on line in Dec 2020 and the exhibitoon below is the uopdated version in the new painters TUBES gallery – A video is also scheduled to made to promote the show before the First of many exhibition in the UK – First Show in real life will be at the Warrington Art Gallery and Museum – Warrington Cheshire in the Sumher (July) 2022.

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Fiddlers Ferry and Mersey Gateway Bridge Exhibition 2021 to 2022


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