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painters TUBES® issue number 18
the green line by Matisse

introduction to the new issue by the Artist and Editor of painters TUBES magazine Denis Taylor

introduction to TUBES magazine issue #18

This issue is about change. A very relevant word today I think. Change as an artist is vital to progress with the art created. Of course not all artists wish it, many like the stability of tried and trusted process and style. That cannot be an accusation levelled at the Fauves , or the Wild Beasts as they became to be known. This lead feature, for me was delight to write, as I could time-travel as far back as 1989 when I first visited the Metropolitan Museum of New York who have one huge dedicated room to the Nabis group. This was a group that I first became aware of in my early twenties when I first saw Bonnard’s paintings in London. The Nabis were the forerunners of the Fauves of course, and the main inspiration for that group was Gauguin. Another artist whom I discovered as far back as 1966, when as I was a boy at the High School of Art in Manchester.

art of Warhol…

…of course I was, as were my peers at school, very engrossed in the new art of Warhol and the whole Pop movement, supported by the revolutions voiced and packaged by Pete Townsend and the Who. We were experimenting with projections of light and creating sculpture from rubbish found before we even had heard the name Duchamp. Yet, despite all that avant garde sort of enthusiasm of very young bunch of artists, what we really admired (secretly), was the painters of the past and the present in equal measure. I recall that the visual painters who attended that incredible junior art school (in Manchester UK) was captivated by the sheer purest visual Art that captured the mind, the body and the soul, (Gauguin, Van Gogh, Pollock, Rothko, etc) and we wanted to be just like those artists when we became adults – some of us did.

To give the likes of Sérusier, Derain, Matisse and the other wild beasts was for me, a homage of respect, and not just another subject idea for a Tubes feature.  This issue holds many personal artistic memories from my youth. And from my early adult hood.  I recall the first time I was able to sit in front (on my own) of the last works of Monet at a special event in London – and how I became astonished how this Masterpiece of Abstract Painting was seen as an impression of a pond. How Monet had inspired Derain and many other Fauves  to paint the startling images of the houses of Parliament in London. And how in turn Picasso had been driven by the palette of El Greco.

can you progress Art in insolation?

So may artists have lead the way for other artists that gives me the undeniable understanding that artists cannot progress Art at all in isolation even though many think they are a Genius, they are not. They are only one individual amongst the millions of artists in the world, some are put in the limelight by non-artists or academies or galleries  – some never get to be appreciated – by the public in their own lifetime, but all are important and essential for the good of Art. 

Denis Taylor

Artist and Editor of painters TUBES®

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