manchester 2020

Brian Rutenberg

Artists work that are selected for the major Manchester Exhibition. The show can be viewed on the painters TUBES gallery website and the Manchester 2020 page.

162 Artists have already registered.

last day for registeration is the 20th May 2029

On these pages TUBES magazine will publish the growing list of Art that will be shown in the Manchester Exhibitions of 2021 and 2022. Each Artist will be represented at the exhibition with one or two works of Art. The first Major Manchester 2020 exhibition starts on the 20 July 2021. Britsi Art Exhibitions will run more Manchester VR exhibitions if the demand outstrips the VR space – and will repeat exh exhibition unti the the first MANCHESTER High Street exhibition on 15th April 2022. Following below are few examples of just a few international and UK Artists who are already registered and will be showing in the Princess Street Gallery. Click here Submit your Art.


Q: How much does it cost to submit for the exhibition  *Ans : Nothing

Q: How much does it cost to participate if chosen to exhibit. Ans: Nothing

(*please note there will be a minimal stand entry fee for Manchester 2022)

Q.: Can I Sell my Art? Ans: Yes

Q: Is there an Easy to Buy Plan for Buyers of my Art.  Ans Yes. An interest free payment plan.

Q: How much does that cost?  Ans: 15% of the Sale Price:

Sign up for your customers finance plan here:

Q: Do the organisers take a commission. Ans Yes. 25% of sales price


Q: Is there an age restrictions? Ans. Yes. Over 20 years Old

Q: Do I have to be a professional Artist? Ans: No, but you have to have been creating art for at least 3 years + and have taken part in at least one exhibition – (art fair, group show, pop-up, online etc)

Q: What date can I submit up to? Ans: May 20th 2021

Q: How do I receive  notification of acceptance ? Ans: by email.

Q: How do I know what to submit; Ans: Follow the submission page click here

Q: How long is the Manchester 2020 Show on For? Ans: from June 20th to July 20th

Exhibition Space and Catalogues

Q How many Artists participate? Ans : Up to 150 Artists in three Galleries.

Q: Is there an Exhibition Catalogue for Each Gallery? Ans: Yes

Q: Does every Exhibition feature in the Gallery catalogue: Ans: Yes.

Q: Are Catalogues free on line to the public ? Ans: Yes.

Q Is there a printed Catalogue for the exhibition? Ans: Yes

Q: Can I order a catalogue before the exhibition opens: Ans: Yes.

read the overview of the Manchester 2020 exhibition project here

Paintings by exhibitors

Brian Rutenberg – Studio USA

Brian Rutenberg in Manchester 2020 major Exhibition

Alan Clement Evans. Studio- UK and Canary islands

Alan Clement Evans in the Manchester 2020 Exhibition

Clare Thatcher – Studio in the UK

Clare Thatcher in the Manchester 2020 Exhibition

Colin Taylor – Studio in the UK

Colin Taylor in the Manchester 2020 Exhibition

David Evans – Studio in the UK

David Evans in the Manchester 2020 Exhibition

Cherie Grist – Studio in the UK

Cherie Grist in the Manchester 2020 Exhibition

David Coulter – Studio in the UK

David Coulter in the Manchester 2020 Exhibition
Below – Poster for the Exhibitio with Photography by Craig Barker.
manchester 2020
The Artists Selected for Manchester 2020 Vision Exhibition


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